Document Scanning


Ulaap’s mobile phone app starts simply with a username and password login.

List View

Next, a list of tasks will appear with Shipper and Consignee references.

Shipper Screen

Pick the Shipper screen and then tap on Document to bring up the camera and scanning function.

Document Camera

With the Ulaap document scanner it’s as easy as point and scan. The automatic focus and read functionality takes away much of your worries. In this example we’re going to scan a Packing Slip at the Shipper.

You can read different types of documents as part of your shipment, tap on Document, and then select the type of Document they will be scanning. In most cases you’ll be taking a fresh picture of a recently updated or signed document so look for appropriate lighting, select “Get Image” and then select “Camera.”

Take the Scan

Frame up your document and take a picture. In the Android application, we suggest that you not use the highest camera resolution and instead use a resolution that is either 1 or 2 steps down from the highest resolution. Once you’ve lined up your picture and you’ve taken it, confirm to “Use the Photo” or to “Retake”. We’re going to use the photo we took.

Crop the Scan

Next we can “Crop” the photo. In the iOS version, you will place your finger on the screen and drag it to start the process of creating the Crop box. In Android, a default box will appear and you can use your fingers to expand or resize the box according to their requirement. Once the Crop box has been resized, you can tap on “Crop” and the resized image will appear, compressed and processed.

Adjust the Scan

After the app has compressed your scan, it will look like a fax and you will have the the option to readjust the image for contrast by tapping on the Plus and Minus buttons at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see the adjustments as you tap the buttons. When your satisfied you’ve got a readable version, tap on the “Upload” button and a box will appear confirming the document has been uploaded.


Returning to the Shipper details screen, there should now be three tasks associated to the pick-up from the Shipper location: a signature, document scans and carton barcode scans.

You can review that each has been completed by seeing the information available under the 3 icons that appear on the header of the app screen. The barcode Icon will reveal the barcode scans taken during the session and you can scroll to review the complete list.

The Pen icon reveals your Signatory.

The Notepad icon reveals a spot where a driver can make a note to accompany other information that has been reported. You can add as much text as possible.

The Folder Icon will reveal a list of documents that have been scanned. When you’re satisfied that you have completed service at the Shipper’s location, you can update your Status and proceed to the next task.

In other videos we show how Ulaap can be used to capture a signature, scan cartons and pallets that are part of your shipments. Check out how easy it is to work with Ulaap.

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