Barcode Scanning


Ulaap’s mobile phone app starts simply with a username and password login.

List View

Next, a list of tasks will appear with Shipper and Consignee references.

Shipper Screen

Pick the Shipper screen and then tap on Barcode to bring up the camera and scanning function.

Barcode Camera

With the Ulaap barcode scanner it’s as easy as point and scan. The automatic focus and read functionality makes scanning a breeze. When a scan is successfully completed, just hit OK and move on to read the next label.

The barcode scanner records all standard GS-1 format barcodes as well as QR Codes.

You can read an unlimited number of barcodes as part of your shipment, and this scanning process can be repeated at the Shipper location and the Consignee location if your service level requires.

Duplicate Barcode

If a barcode is read more than once, the app will alert the end-user and require the end-user to confirm if the code is an actual duplicate label or if it was mistakenly read for a second time.

Complete Barcode Scan

Individual carton barcodes can be scanned and then be associated to a QR Code which will represent all the cartons on a pallet. If QR codes are not part your process, then enter a random manual code to complete carton scanning process.

Return to Shipper

When a barcode scanning session is completed, you’ll return to the Shipper details and will see a barcode symbol at the top of their screen. Tap on the barcode icon to see a list of the cartons you scanned. You can scroll through all the barcodes that were recorded during the scanning session.

In other videos we show how Ulaap can be used to capture signatures and scan documentation that is part of your workflow. Check out how easy it is to work with Ulaap.

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