Universal Logistics As A Platform

Purpose: Transportation and Logistics

With a smartphone, a web portal and a fully interoperable Application Program Interface (API), see how easy Ulaap facilitates scanning products, building shipment orders, dispatching a service provider (driver, technician, mobile service worker, etc.) to complete a series of tasks.

Our latest release of Ulaap functionality is focused at product distribution.  Warehouse scanning apps allow you to sort, scan and distribute product for customers as well as keep track of short and long-term inventory.

Ulaap's QR Code Bill of Lading allows any driver, shipper or consignee use their smartphone to complete common workflow processes such as update status, capture signatures as well as scan documents in real-time.  Our Android inventory app helps keep your warehouse in order and  your customers informed in real-time.  

RESTful Integration for easy implementation.

RESTful APIs have proven to be more efficient, manageable, scalable and provide high availability. Many of the leading companies in the world provide RESTful API’s including: Google, Facebook, Amazon, EBay, Twitter and others.

Our Representational State Transfer (RESTful) API provides responses in JSON format for easy integration to legacy operating systems. For those that don’t have back office systems, our portal allows end-users to take full advantage of Ulaap functionality with no upfront investment.

Enhancement and Functionality Development Cases

We build development cases for enhancing functionality or implementing new service modules based on fairly practical processes. Together with industry advisors, partners and customers we assess the feasibility of a product, service or feature to satisfy a specific demand or service void.

Ulaap functionality is developed with the intent of “onboarding” a scanning process into your service model as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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